Mireasma Nuntii

After having waited so long, one of my "Christmas presents" arrived...
We were so lucky to be chosen by the redactors of the wedding magazine "Mireasma Nuntii" for sharing the beauty of two love-stories.
Mireasma Nuntii
Foto Mateiu

It`s all about little secrets...

Hairstylist: Debora Ursu
Make-up Artist: Raluca
Dress: Andreea Muntean
Location: The Note
Special Thanks to George Stoia, Manager Club The Note
More here: FotoMateiu

Note and remember

Note and remember
that the ones before you are not quite what they suppose to be.

Low Price Trash

Low light, low temperature, low prices.....and lots of trash...

Carnavalul Incolor

Mai multe puteti vedea aici: Fotomateiu

Nikon D3s Sampels

Well...Nikon has the D3s released! Here you have some sample photos!

Nikon D3s

Lansare Nikon D3s
A fost,a trecut, ia sa vedem ce am mai primit?!
(Mai multe,in curand)


Mmm(undecided regarding the pressing of the button)..Snapshot!

A ray of hope...

Have you ever wondered where does the light really come from?

Sunset on my way home...

6 AM

This picture has the same story like the 5 AM post :)

At 5 AM

I made this picture on my way home from my exhaustive work...
It was 5 in the morning, full moon was shining, t
he building nearby was full of mistery…!
I was so tired, but i took this shot!