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Nikon D3s Launch

First Impressions

Nikon unveils D3S high-speed pro DSLR

The "welcoming party" of the new camera, took place on 15th October 2009 in River Deck Club. This event was organised with the help of the companies Skin Bucharest and Sinpro Timisoara. D3S astoundes with the high ISO but in the same time, it disappoints because of the small number of MP (just 12). The camera is thought to be used for fotoreportage, taking into account that it has a big number of shootings/second and a very high ISO.

I managed to take some pictures at different parameters with it and I can sincerely say that at ISO 12.800 the pictures have still a very good quality, but if we use the highest ISO the quality gets lower. But sometimes the highest ISO can actually help in extreme situations. [Sample part1, part2 ]

Another improvement is the Live View Mode. The D3S has a separate button, and you may select the continuos shooting without closing the live view screen or searching through the menu.

What surprised me aswell, was the Quiet Mode of the Shutter. It is very helpfull for the ones that take pictures at some different events, conferences, etc.

In my opinion the filming of the new Nikon D3S is also very good. Take a look!

[Download link soon!]