I'm still a kid

because I'm still a kid I can:

wander around bare-foot in the grass
be happy
stick my tongue out
lay in the grass
be curious
be Naughty
and more...:)



A biiiig smile, a bigger smile
...because i have wavy,curly hair


alone....looking around in a hot, sunny day looking around in a sunny day...dog day the shade will help me come round a bit
the flowers help me grow up faster
that's why i smile again

Miru` is smiling

-and now with a flower, too
-Alright, I've had enough
-I'd rather take a break
-That's it, no more photos for a while....

Take a picture

-Did you take a picture of me?
-It didn't turn out well, I don't know why, this camera isn't good for anything
-Aaa...I know why, I didn't have my sunglasses on
-But i can do it without them, as well :D

Andreea relaxing...

In order to be happy, you need to practice some yoga
And then you start smiling

More and more